The way I approach my work is the way I like to live life: always trying the unexpected, combining fields, learning, and looking at things differently.
After completing my PhD in Robotics and Computer Science, I introduced my love of music and sound into my practice. I'm interested in the technical aspect of sound as well as Live Performances and Creative Writing. But I see all of these as inextricably linked and also love the creative side of technology and programming.
Born in Ourense, a small town in the North West of Spain, I have spent my adulthood travelling and living in different countries. I'm always open to new adventures and enjoy new challenges.
PhD in Robotics & Computer Science
Institut de la Vision, Paris
Master II in Engineering Science. Specialty: Intelligent Systems and Robotics
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
BA in Industrial Engineering. Specialty: Mechanics
E.T.S.E.I. de Vigo

Live Sound Technician
C. F. Escénica de Andalucía, Granada​​​​​​​
Fluent in French, English, Galician and Spanish
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