Dado a la duda (pun intended, but extremely hard to translate) is a very ambitious project: a "choose your own adventure" in song form. With eleven different endings, its lyrics take as many as thirty nine pages.
This interactive project uses Youtube as a vehicle, giving the audience the ability to choose between different options at the end of each clip. The diagram below outlines the complexity of the task.

Flux diagram of the song

Every time the viewer chooses a video, a new branch is accessed. This invites the audience to replay the project to try and find the many possible endings.
Dado a la Duda explores my interest in finding new ways of using technology; Youtube was not created for interactive experiences such as this, but the system allows for more than we might immediately expect - it's just about looking at it in a different way.
The audience are using a platform they know for one thing, and experience an unexpected joy when finding it used for another.

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