The "Pequeña Banda Robótica" (Small Robotic Band) is an exploration in Robotics and Music. 
Contructed from recycled, found materials such as chopsticks and jamjar lids, the instruments are actioned with servo motors. This arduino-controlled miniature band is made up of three members, but it is ever-growing! The aim of creating the Pequeña Banda Robótica is to make robotics more approachable and move towards facilitating access to learning.
The Drummer
The band's first musician, kickstarting the whole project. The sound from the snare and the kick is captured by piezoelectric sensors, and digitally processed to enhance its sound.
The Glockenspiel
A glockenspiel is a type of metallophone, consisting of pitched metallic bars, usually arranged in a keyboard layout. In our version they are placed in a semicircular positioning to simplify the mechanical requirements. 
The Vocal Section
Three wooden boxes equipped with piezoelectric buzzers and a small servomotor form the vocal section of the band. In the following video we can see them perform in manual mode, operated using a MIDI controller. 
The Pequeña Banda Robótica is an open-source project, and its code is fully available in my GitHub account

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