I like to cover every aspect of music, including writing and performance. Both solo and collaborations, my style focuses primarily on the meaning behind the songs whether that's the writing itself or the general musicianship.
Open Mic
As the host of the Open Mic sessions in the iconic "La Tertulia" in Granada, I have the opportunity to invite many varied and talented musicians to the stage and, as is always enjoyable, interact with the audience.
Live Shows
Live performances are always special experiences and give the opportunity to share music with others. I've travelled around Spain, performing to varied audiences.
· La Tertulia (Granada)
· La Casa Vieja (Albacete)
· Centro Lucini (Granada)
· La Polivalente (Málaga)
· Café Cultural Auriense (Ourense)
· Café UF (Vigo)
· Fusión Art (Valencia)
· El refugio (Alicante)
· El Taller Tumbao (Alicante)
· Club Cronopios (Barcelona)
· A Taberna do Jazz (Pontevedra)
· Sala Búho Real (Madrid)
· Café Tío Ovidio (A Coruña)
· A Novena Porta (Santiago de Compostela)
· Caneca Furada (A Coruña)
· Café Jam Session (Ourense)
· La recicreative (Granada)
· N del T (Madrid)
· Hangar 48 (Madrid)
· Kaf Café Benimaclet (Valencia)
· O Besbello (Santiago de Compostela)
· El sitio de Loa (Granada)

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